Student Life

On At UCHS, students are the focus. Our students take responsibility in and accountability for their community.

Our Teaching Approach

At Uncommon Schools, our scholars are our highest priority. We believe that every moment we have with our students is critical so we don’t take a single moment for granted. We invest in our teachers by providing them with professional development and observational feedback on a weekly basis so that teachers are the very best they can be. We also recognize that our ultimate mission is to make sure our scholars enter, succeed in and graduate from college so our teachers provide guided support to our scholars balanced with autonomy they need so that they are fully prepared for college.


In grades 9-10, Uncommon Charter High School's literacy program includes 100 minutes of daily literacy instruction, at least 30 minutes of required independent reading each night, and required summer reading accompanied by fall comprehension assignments.




UCHS does not use an off-the-shelf curriculum. The school develops its curriculum directly from the New York State Learning Standards that ensures students master a core set of basic academic skills before they can master higher-level, abstract material.




Students will be actively engaged in the college search process from day one of high school. College Counselors and Grade Level Deans will coach students throughout high school to ensure that students explore their academic and extracurricular interests, successfully complete all testing and college application requirements, and pursue financial aid opportunities.

A Typical Day

Uncommon students start their day off on the right foot by shaking hands with a school leader and getting settled for breakfast. Each day, they know they’re in for hard work and the high reward it yields – college matriculation and graduation.


From Kindergarten through 12th grade, we place a huge emphasis on literacy.


Most Uncommon schools devote twice the time to math than local district schools.

Music & Art

We value the arts as a disciplined & creative pursuit that will benefit students throughout their lives.  We offer rigorous classes in both Theatre and Digital Art.

Afternoon Enrichment

We offer afternoon enrichment, giving our students opportunities to explore interests outside of academics. Activities include Yearbook, Debate Club, and Flag Football.